Business Relationship Audits® (BRA) was born in the mid 1990?s when a client, a professional services firm, hired us to ‘talk to their clients’. We queried why they couldn’t talk to their clients, but the managing partner insisted that it be third-party because he wanted his clients to feel free to speak openly and honestly, and they would be more inclined to do so, he rationalized, if it was to someone from the outside. He asked us to find out what they think of his company; what they think they did well and, importantly, to find out what they didn’t do well!

Relationship Audits - Resized.So we did! We interviewed over twenty of their clients, face-to-face and one-on-one, and the enthusiastic feedback generously filled a report of findings. From those findings, our client was able to revise his company’s offering by adding new services while consolidating others. Importantly, he found out how clients perceived his company.

Our audits vary greatly in size and scope.  Most are interviewing a company’s client list of ten to thirty clients, but we have conducted audits of a corporation’s network of more than two thousand dealers, stretching from the Mexican border to the Arctic Circle.

Business Relationship Audits® (BRA) is a service of ANVIL Marketing/Communications Inc. (1982).