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Thumbs Up.What Our Clients Say!

“Derek Smith conducted a business relationship audit for our firm.  We’re very pleased with his responsiveness and attention to detail, as well as his continued interest. His research, innovative approach and program design fit our needs perfectly. From the final data, we created a unique positioning for our firm and a comprehensive business building package!”

Bob Mashing, Managing Partner, Stern Cohen LLP,Toronto,ON  http://www.sterncohen.com/:

“Derek Smith conducted an extensive business relationship audit for Coats; researching our business partners across North America.  The wide-ranging project focused on critical aspects of our products, services and strategies.  The results of the study offered valuable insights and recommendations, which helped the company improve its businesses.  We remain impressed by the levels of responsiveness and detail shown in implementing the project and would highly recommend Business Relationship Audits to anyone.”

John Arbour, Vice President & General Manager,Coats & Clark Canada.  http://www.coats.com/